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Contact Us
Apollo Metals (2004) Ltd
4 Downgate Drive
S4 8BU
Tel: 0114 276 3065
Fax: 0114 278 7867





Apollo Metals (2004) Ltd prides itself on it's diverse stock range of Bright and Engineering Bar in; rounds, flats hexagons and angles in both metric and imperial sizes:

* Bright Drawn Mild Steel
* EN3B (070m20/080A15)
* EN1A (230M07)
* EN1A pb (230M07pb)
* EN8 (080A42)
* EN16T (605M36T)
* EN19T (708M40T)
* EN24T (817M40T)
* Black Bar
* Tool Steels
* Stainless
* Brass
* Aluminium
* Key Steels

Our vastly experienced sales team will source any type of Bright and Engineering Bar requirement you have that does not fall within our range.

In addition to the above our sister companies hold 3,000 tonnes of mild steel and wire products ex stock.